Is Bioinformatics Worth It?

Dr. Abdullah Kahraman
University Hospital Zurich, Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology

Bioinformatics is a relatively your research field. Its potential and impact are mostly underestimated by other researchers, educational institutions, and state representatives. In scientific collaborations, bioinformatics is often regarded as a technical service having less importance than the wet lab experiments. However, with the increasing digitalization of biological and clinical labs and with the advent of high-throughput technologies, this is clearly changing. The bottleneck in most experiments nowadays lies with data analysis and interpretation rather than the generation of biological data. Hence, the demand for bioinformatics and skilled bioinformatician is drastically increasing. I hope that in this talk I can convince you why it is worth dedicating your career to bioinformatics and why this is so important for Turkey.

How To Avoid Learning Statistics?

Dr. Pınar Pir
Gebze Technical University, Department of Bioengineering

Bioinformatics is based on data, statistics, modelling and computer programming. Most bioinformatics tools provide excellent interfaces to help users avoid computer programming, although most users soon realize that programming skills are essential for more sophisticated and customised analysis. But how about avoiding statistics? Can you choose the right tool or right parameters without understanding the mathematics behind our analysis method? Can you interpret your results correctly without understanding the assumptions made in your analysis? I will give few examples to demonstrate that, with a little effort, you can master the mathematical foundations of the methods you use every day in your work. I will try to convince you that it is very rewarding to devote some time into learning statistics and modelling while building your career in bioinformatics.